Non-Genuine Software is a Cybersecurity Risk!

The truth? Cyberthreats are on the rise. Our job as software experts is to provide you with exceptional support while ensuring that you and your clients’ data and businesses remain safe. Using genuine Microsoft software will help you save money, time, and energy, so you don’t have to spend hundreds (or thousands) on a replacement computer or expensive data retrieval programs.

Genuine Microsoft software helps protect your tangible and intangible assets by shielding your data from threats, scams, and spyware.

That way, you can browse your computer worry-free.

Eliminate Risks

Identity Theft

Your personal and financial data may be compromised and used to carry out crimes. like fraud and money laundering.

Business Disruption

A data breach, no matter how small, can bring your entire business operation to a halt.

Data Loss

Data compromise can lead to the loss of important personal files and business data resulting in expensive fees to replace hacked computers.

Stolen Credit Cards or
Bank Details

Hackers can clone your credit card information and access your bank accounts, resulting in financial loss for you or your business.

Reputation and Material Damage

Regardless of your company’s history, a data breach (of any kind) weakens client trust and creates opportunities for competing companies to take over the accounts of even the most loyal customers.


Malware can contain ransomware that hackers use to block access to critical data or user accounts.

Understand Your Genuine Product

Use only licensed software

This one is simple: Whether it’s Windows or Office, software must be properly licensed.

Always question “too-good-to-be-true” prices

Prices that seem too affordable often are the result of an inauthentic product.

Inspect the packaging

Make sure physical packaging includes an authentic Microsoft logo and brand identity.

Check the product key source

For digital downloads, make sure the product key comes from a trusted source and not an instant messaging platform or unverifiable email.

Be the first to open it

A physical product’s package must be sealed to ensure first-time use.

Any Questions?